About us

FemmeVending™ are the market leaders in supply of tampon & Sanitary Towel vending machines in Africa.  We offer a professional, upmarket and unique service unlike any other in South Africa.


· Our vending machines rates equivalent to international standards

· Adds value to your current service portfolio

· Designed aesthetically to comply with already existing washroom equipment

· Resolves patrons and clients emergency situations

· Additional source of income



Supplied in a neat funky box which every female would like to keep in her handbag for emergencies

Each box is meticulously stocked and sealed for your protection



Size – Machines vary (see Product List)

Machines hold 19 to 20 twin pack boxes depends on machine type

Machines are manually or electronically operated (battery back-up) to suit customer needs and Eco friendly

Easy to install, directly fitted onto the wall


Why not upgrade your image and fill a much needed roll in your client’s life

· Rebate of over 100% on sale of product stock (tampons etc)

· Rental

· Price can be included in budget

· Tax deductible











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We offer convenience for the most needed product on the market, tampons. Take one more stress out of your ...

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